What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to the organs, glands and parts of the body. Reflexology is believed to date back to the Egyptian times, 2330 B.C. It is also believed to have ties with ancient Chinese healing that includes work with the meridians of the body. Some of the benefits of reflexology that you can look forward to in each session are relieving/relaxing tension in the body, increasing nerve and blood supply, and help to normalize and balance the functions of the body. Reflexology also detoxes toxins out of the body.   

You can look forward to feeling more flexibility in your feet, more energy, deeper sleep and enjoy a peaceful state of being after sessions. Reflexology sessions on a regular basis promotes a healthier lifestyle in today's stressful society.  Just like diet and exercise, frequent reflexology keeps your body balanced and help fight dis-ease. 

Reflexology sessions are a scheduled 1hour appointment.  We begin with a sanitizing foot soak then proceed to a luxurious reclining table where you will put your feet up and relax.  The practitioner presses reflex points on the feet in a gentle manor that will stimulate the nervous system and circulatory systems to balance the functions of the body.  Reflexology is done with bare feet however the rest of the body is fully clothed.  

Reflexology is for everyone, all ages, all walks of life. Reflexology is safe when administered by a professional, certified reflexology practitioner.
Laurie DeBruin is a certified reflexology practitioner (CRR) through Branch Reflexology Institute. 

What can reflexology help?  EVERYTHING! 

TMJ, Kidney Stones, Frozen Shoulder, Pre Surgery/Post Surgery Recovery, Arthritis, Muscle Pain and Discomfort, Auto Immune, Cancer Treatment side effects, shingles,  and everything in between!

***Laurie DeBruin is not a doctor and does not prescribe, treat or diagnose. Reflexology is not meant to replace medicine or medical attention that may be required.  Please seek medical attention and advice from professional medical services and doctors***

Service Fee

Foot Reflexology is a one hour session by appointment

$70 each session

Suggested 4week in a row series to bring the body up to maximum health


1hour reflexology combined with 1/2 hour reiki by appointment